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Do you want to know who you are really hiring?
We'll be sure you do!

In today's environment of increasing citizen demands, but decreasing resources, your success and survival depend on your agency's decisions. When staff resources are spread thin and budgets are tight, it's reassuring to know there is a cost-effective service to deliver the facts on prospective employees. And with general concerns about liability and damage claims, getting the straight scope on prospective employees is harder now than ever. LGI can be a great help in meeting your important employee recruitment and selection needs. In just a few short years, a local government will expend hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary, benefits, training, and supplies on each person it employs. It can't afford to make mistakes.

In these demanding times, astute local governments want to be sure that the prospective employee is one of those "20% who produce 80% of the work", and will be a good match and fit for the organization.

LGI's knowledge, ability and skill in the area of employee recruitment and selection can help local government managers make better employment decisions. As a non-profit organization, LGI offers a variety of search and selection options geared to every budget and need. LGI has a team of capable and experienced professionals able to assist in any type of recruitment or selection process. The following pages list a number of options.



Fee: $990 per candidate. Includes all expenses. Services include: 

        Conduct behavior descriptive telephone interview with candidate

        Administer and score two pencil and paper management and personality assessments.

        Conduct detailed telephone reference checks with 10 -13 references.

        Verify employment and education

        Driving and criminal record check

        Credit and civil lawsuit check

        Write detailed report on each candidate



Fees vary depending on the nature and number of exercises, and whether you want LGI to administer the assessment center, or just develop the exercises for you to administer. Generally, the cost to develop a one day assessment center ( 1 group exercise, two individual exercises, and one in-basket exercise, all based upon issues and situations the person may actually face in the position) is approximately $990.00. You receive both a printed copy as well as a disk copy, plus the right to use the material in the future.

LGI Assessment Center Services can give you a good idea of the knowledge, ability and skill level of your candidates. LGI specializes in the development and/or administration of assessment center exercises, including: 

        Cooperative Group Exercises

        Competitive Group Exercises

        Individual Exercises

        In-Basket Exercises

 LGI has developed assessment center exercises for the following Positions: 

        Police Chief

        Police Lieutenant

        Police Sergeant

        Fire Chief

        Fire Lieutenant

        Street Superintendent

        Water/Sewer Utility Superintendent

        Public Works Director

        Finance Director

        Planning Director

        Community Development Director

        Assistant City Manager

        Personnel Manager

        Parks and Recreation Director

        Risk Manager

        Public Information Officer

        Head Start Director



These many or may not be included in the desired search and selection option:


30 minute video-taped interview (based upon your questions) with a prospective candidate located anywhere in the continental U.S. - $250 per candidate. See section on video screening interviews.


Administer management assessment or psychological exams (such as FIRO, Meyers-Briggs, Values Analysis, Interact, Personal Profile, Personnel Selection, etc., and prepare report. ($50.00 per candidate).


Develop and evaluate comprehensive 12-20 Item In-Basket Management Assessment Exercise ($690 first candidate; $75 each additional)


Coordinate and participate in oral interviews ($400) plus travel expenses


 Negotiate terms and conditions of employment, including draft employment agreement ($400)


 Draft employment agreement for client review ($150)


Conduct employment, education, driving record, credit and civil litigation and credit check. Prepare report. ($390 per candidate)


Other. Ask LGI for a cost proposal for any other service or combination of services.

For more information, or to request a specific cost proposal, contact us at:, Phone: 253/565-6253; Fax: 253/565-2575.

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