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The recruitment and selection puzzle is a complex one. Finding the right people and fitting them into your organization is a difficult business. Assessing a candidate's personality, style, knowledge, ability, skill, and fit is not an easy task. Yet, in today's environment of increasing citizen demands, but decreasing resources, your success and survival depend on your agency's decisions.

When staff resources are spread thin and budgets are tight, it's reassuring to know there is a cost-effective service to deliver the facts on prospective employees.  LGI can be a great help in meeting your important employee recruitment and selection needs. In just a few short years, a local government will expend hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary, benefits, training, and supplies on each person it employs. In these demanding times, astute local governments want to be sure that the prospective employee is one of those "20% who produce 80% of the work", and will be a good match and fit for the organization.

LGI's knowledge, ability and skill in the area of employee recruitment and selection can help local government managers make better employment decisions. As a non-profit organization, LGI offers a variety of search and selection options geared to every budget and need.


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