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LGI Approach and Fee Options

FEE: Call or write for a specific cost proposal.

Position Specification Development:

Review position description, interview 15-20 key individuals regarding the knowledges, skills and abilities that the ideal candidate should have. Develop the position description and ideal candidate profile. Develop a community profile and recruitment brochure highlighting the community, the organization, the position, and the issues to be faced by the new executive.

Advertising and Intake:

Develop and place advertisements:
Regional Newspapers
Trade journals
Professional association newsletters
Jobs Available
Public Sector Job Bulletin
Local Government Job Net
Agency mailings
Targeted individual recruitment
(LGI has a data base of more than 10,000 qualified local government managers)
Targeted minority recruitment
Calls to respected leaders in the field regarding potentially outstanding candidates in their region

Respond to all inquiries from potential applicants


Screen applications to 15-20 semi-finalists

Administer structured resume to semi-finalists, including one or more personality assessment instruments

Conduct telephonic or personal screening interviews with semi-finalists Written summary report on each semi-finalist

Confer with appointing authority choose finalists

Arrange for oral interviews and other examination activities, coordinate process, prepare materials

Assist in interviews and other examination activities, coordinate selection process

Administer and evaluate 2 personality and supervisory effectiveness instruments.

Conduct detailed reference checks with 15-20 references on top 2 candidates chosen

Verify employment

Verify education

Driving Record check

Credit and civil litigation check

Write detailed report on top 2 candidates.


Extend conditional offer on behalf of appointing authority

Negotiate terms and conditions of employment

Prepare draft employment agreement or memorandum of employment

Fee: $5,900 plus out-of-pocket expenses
(You advertise (with our input), send us the applications, and show up for the interview and related activities. We do all the rest!). Services include:

Conduct telephone interview with appointing authority to determine desired knowledge, skills, abilities and other desirable traits

Develop ideal candidate profile and recruiting brochure

Development and place job announcements; plus targeted dire recruitment from LGI's extensive data base

Screen applications and/or resumes

Administer structured resume or questionnaire to selected group of "semi-finalists" -

Recommend group of finalists for interview

Provide sample interview panel questions and provide guidance on interview/examination process (does not include writing special examinations or attending the interview sessions)

Conduct detailed telephone reference checks with 9 -12 references of top two (2) candidates chosen.

Administer and score two pencil and paper management and personality assessments.

Verify employment and education

Driving and criminal record check

Credit and civil lawsuit check

Write detailed report on each of the top two (2) candidates

All along the way, notify all applicants of the status of their application.

COMPREHENSIVE RECRUITMENT AND SCREENING: Fee: $3,900 plus reimbursement for advertising, printing and postage expenses.

We review the position description, and then conduct telephone interviews with 5-10 key individuals regarding the knowledge, skills, abilities and other traits that the ideal candidate should have. We then develop an ideal candidate profile for your approval. After approval, we prepare a recruitment flyer highlighting the community, organization, position, and the issues to be faced.

We consult with you in the development and placement of advertisements in selected print or electronic mediums such as newspapers, trade journals, professional association newsletters, agency mailings, Job Net, etc. We write and place the ads. We also target qualified candidates from our own extensive data base and network of contacts, and mail out direct invitations to apply. We phone selected persons who closely match the ideal candidate profile, and invite their application. We respond to all inquiries from potential applicants.

We screen applications down to 12-20 semi-finalists, administer a structured resume (questionnaire) to semi-finalists, including one or more personality or management assessment instruments. We conduct behavior descriptive screening interviews with semi-finalists, check 3-4 references and prepare a summary report on each semi-finalist. You then select your finalists and carry out the remainder of the selection process.


We take over once you have identified a leading candidate. We interview you to determine the key knowledge, ability, skill and traits you are looking for. We conduct a detailed behavior descriptive interview with the candidate, administer and interpret 3 management and personality assessments, conduct detailed telephone reference checks with 12 - 15 references, verify and check employment history, educational attainment, driving record, criminal record, credit, and civil litigation. We then prepare a detailed 8-12 page written report.

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