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In today's environment of increasing citizen demands, but decreasing resources, your success and survival depend on your agency's decisions.

When staff resources are spread thin and budgets are tight, it's reassuring to know there is a cost-effective service to deliver the facts on prospective employees.  LGI can be a great help in meeting your important employee recruitment and selection needs. In just a few short years, a local government will expend hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary, benefits, training, and supplies on each person it employs. In these demanding times, astute local governments want to be sure that the prospective employee is one of those "20% who produce 80% of the work", and will be a good match and fit for the organization.

The Local Government Institute, an independent non-profit organization, is recognized nationwide for its outstanding educational and human resource related services and products, including LGI's model personnel policies, model job descriptions, risk management and loss control handbook, performance management system, and its employee recruitment and selection manuals.

LGI's knowledge, ability and skill in the area of employee recruitment and selection can help local government managers make better employment decisions. As a non-profit organization, LGI offers a variety of search and selection options geared to every budget and need.

LGI maintains a cadre of technical and professional specialists (Associates) with substantial education, training, knowledge, skill and ability in a variety of disciplines. We are able to put together an experienced and professional project team to meet your needs. LGI is willing to work within your budget, and has the flexibility to assign staff to work with you on a professional service basis, or as temporary employees.

LGI can provide professional consulting services in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

Human Resources. LGI specializes in the full range of human resources functions. LGI is experienced in executive search, employee recruitment and selection, wage and benefit design and administration, personnel policy development, job analysis, and risk management auditing and program design. LGI also sponsors the Local Government Job Net (www.govtjob.net), an online listing of current jobs available in local government nationally.

General Government Administration. LGI associates can serve as interim department managers, special project managers, as well as consult on a variety of general government issues or services, such as the preparation of bid documents and requests for proposal, goods and services procurement, management reviews and performance audits, fraud investigation, administrative code development, municipal codification, benchmarking, local improvement districts, long range financial planning, CIP development, and information technology systems design. LGI can also provide expert services or training in a number of areas, including: retreat facilitation, ethics, employee recruitment and selection, risk management and loss control, performance budgeting, and performance management.

Community Development. LGI can assist local governments with comprehensive planning, growth management issues, land use ordinance preparation, environmental planning, SEPA Checklists, EIS preparation, fiscal impact studies, annexation studies and assistance, economic development, strategic planning, downtown redevelopment, and urban forestry.

Public Works and Utility Operations. LGI can assist in utility cost-of-service analyses and rate studies, design and construction standards, feasibility studies, engineering studies and reports, bid document preparation, computer-aided-design, comprehensive utility planning, facilities planning, solid waste and recycling program design, and cemetery design and management.

Facility Planning and Design. Several LGI associates specialize in space and facility planning and design, site planning, architecture, ADA compliance, and facility financing plans.

Leisure Services and Landscape Architecture. LGI can put together an experienced team to help you with site planning, landscape architecture, park planning and design, sprinkling system planning and design, urban forestry, recreation program design and administration, and library management.

Public Safety. Several LGI associates have extensive experience in public safety agency management review, policy and procedure development, civil service commission testing and administration, assessment centers, equipment evaluation, and facility planning.

Grant writing and administration. LGI can help you write grant write a grant application, or administer a grant in your behalf. LGI associates have extensive experience with a variety of state and federal grant programs, including but not limited to: ISTEA, TIB, CDBG, EPA, and IAC.

Please add LGI to you vendor lists for the above services. We would be happy to respond to your RFP or request for bids.


The Local Government Institute is a federally recognized tax exempt independent 502(C)3 nonprofit corporation established in 1988 to provide technical assistance to units of local government.


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