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Price: $69.00 Manual & CD. 1998-2002. 250 pp. ISBN 0-027160-02-1.

If you could be guaranteed that you could use a few minutes each year in a particular way that you and your staff would both enjoy and be more productive in the rest of the year, would you be interested? "Of course," you say, "I would." Sometimes when we are busy, under a lot of pressure, with many commitments, we become the most neglectful of the only tools we really have to do our work--us! We think we haven't the time to consider how we are doing. In a sense we are saying, " I'm to busy sawing to take the time to sharpen the saw."

An effective performance planning and review system can sharpen people. The Performance Planning and Review System (EPPRS) gives you everything you need to implement a successful performance appraisal and performance management system. The 200 + page package comes in a handy 3-ring binder and includes reproducible instructions, sample forms, training manual and suggested employee booklet. It also comes with a copy of the manual on a word processing file disk so you can readily amend the employee manual, training materials, forms, etc. to meet your own unique interests and needs.

This Manual Will Help You:

- Develop performance plans
- Conduct effective performance appraisals
- Train supervisors
- Integrate performance management with total quality programs
- Better coordinate planning
- Increase productivity
- Improve employee morale
- Enhance communications
- Reduce complaints and grievances
- Effectively tie pay to performance
- Implement a 360 degree/multi-rater appraisal system (if desired)


- Why Performance Planning and Review
Part One: Performance Management
- Performance Management
- Guiding Principles
- Strategies for Success Implementing Performance Management
- Measuring Performance
- Performance Management and Total Quality Management
Part Two: Towards Better Performance
- Barriers to Performance Management
- If the System Isn't Working Well
- Performance Management "TAR" Model
- Performance Analysis Tips
- Improving Feedback & Communications
- Listening
- Management Styles and Performance
- Coaching as a Management/Feedback Tool
- Building a Supportive, Positive Environment
- Motivation Theory and Performance Management
- The Leader's Task to Motivate
- Improving the Performance Planning and Review Process
- Goal Setting Tips
- Building Core Skills
- Helping Teams Excel
- Building Commitment
Part Three: Implementing the Performance Planning and Review System
- 10 Step Process in Brief
- Steps In the Performance Planning and Review Process
- Explanation Of Performance Factors
- Development Of Individual Performance Plans
- Weighting And Evaluation
- The Performance Planning And Review Discussion
- Performance Planning and Review Administration
- Common Questions and Answers
Part Four: Adapting the System to a 360 Degree/Multi-Rater Approach
- Issues and Options in Multi-Rater Systems
- Implementation Strategies for 360 Degree/Multi-Rater Systems
Part Five: Performance Management and Performance Pay
- Salary Administration and Performance Management
- Performance Pay Pros and Cons
- Performance Pay Options
- How to Make Performance Pay Work
Appendix A: Sample Employee Manual
Appendix B: Training Manual
Appendix C: Sample Forms and Completed Examples

Performance Management Section includes material on developing and clarifying values, mission statement, roles, responsibilities, strategic goals, key result areas, performance indicators, standards of excellence, departmental objectives, action plans, employee performance plans, and control systems. You will learn how to coordinate and integrate these elements into an effective performance management system.

Training Manual includes training format, pre/post test, performance management exercises, ratings error exercise, core skills building, communication "games" exercise, performance planning and review system usage, and much, much more.

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