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In a follow-up to ICMA's Dialogue on the Profession survey, respondents were asked to list the top five characteristics or competencies that they felt were essential for local government professionals. The top response was Honesty and Fairness!

How much organizational energy can be wasted when a single local official or employee acts unethically? What happens to trust, to morale, to public confidence? How much time is spent in damage control, disciplinary actions and appeals, legal battles, and the like? Moreover, the public tends to transfer the sins of one guilty party to an entire organization, adversely affecting hundreds of dedicated and innocent public servants.

High ethical standards are critical to a local government's credibility. Yet most local government employees have never taken a course in ethics. Most organizations have never conducted ethics training. It is naive and dangerous to assume that employees really understand what the organization considers "right" and "wrong". Most unethical actions are committed by good people who never fully considered the ethical dimensions of their actions. And at times it is not a choice between "right" and "wrong", but between "right" and "right". For example, what are the ethical factors involved in the public's right to know and the individual's right to privacy?

"Ethics: Honesty and Fairness in the Public Service" is a comprehensive 282 page manual and PC disk set on ethics in local government. It contains everything a local government manager needs to address this essential element of public service. Every manager should have a copy of this timeless work on the nearest bookshelf.

A partial listing of the table of contents includes:

Overview and Introduction
Ethics Concepts
Ethics Styles
The Question of Rights
Selected Topics in Ethics
Conflicts of Interest
Appearance of Fairness
Use of Public Funds, Property or Credit
Open Public Meetings
Control of Information
The Ethic of Public Policy Determination
Abuse of Power
Preventing Fraud, Corruption and Waste
Issues in Police Corruption
Whistle Blowing
Ethics Principles
Personal Responsibility and Accountability
Democratic Responsibility
Honesty and Integrity
Professionalism and Competence
Fair and Equal Treatment
Loyalty and Fidelity
Wit and Wisdom about Ethics Principles
Building an Ethical Organization
Ethics and Cultural Diversity
Cultural and Religious Views
The Concept of a Female Ethic
Environmental Ethics
Ethics Training
Ethical Values Clarification Exercise
Ethics Quiz
Ethical Values Situation Form
Ascertaining Your Ethical Style
Straw Stacking Exercise
Ethics and Accountability Questionnaire
How Unethical Are We Exercise
Ethical Decision-Making: Group Exercise
Ethical Decision-Making Application Exercise
24 Case Studies
Developing a Code of Ethics
Model Municipal Code of Ethics - Sample 1
Model Municipal Code of Ethics - Sample 2
Model Administrative Policy on Ethics
Model By Laws - Municipal Ethics Board
Model Administrative Policy on Whistle Blowing
Compendium of ICMA Ethical Inquiries and Answers

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