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The basic Parliamentary Procedure Set includes:

  • Model Governing Body Rules of Procedures
  • Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified and Applied (1998); and
  • How to Conduct a Meeting Parliamentary Procedure Training Video.
    PRICE: $99.00 US

If you prefer to order one or more elements separately:

Model Governing Body Rules of Procedure (Booklet and disk) - $29.00
Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified and Applied (paperbound) - $8.95
Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: How to Conduct a Meeting (32 min. training video, plus booklet) - $74.50

See the bottom of this section for more parliamentary procedure videos and materials.

MODEL GOVERNING BODY RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. This booklet and accompanying disk contains examples of different progressive procedural rules related to the conduct of official meetings of the local government governing body. They can be modified for your agency's use as

Principal Benefits:

- Business conducted in a more professional and efficient manner
- Fewer legal challenges
- Less criticism directed at staff or governing body
- Fewer complaints or suits alleging improper government action
- Stronger sense of teamwork between executive and legislative branches
- Improved citizen participation in legislative processes

Contents of model rules include: Council Meetings, Election of Officers, Presiding Officer, Quorum, Attendance, Excused Absences, Special Council Meetings, Meeting Agenda, Study Sessions, Chief Administrative Officer, Clerk of the Council, Forms of Address, Seating Arrangement, Appearance of Fairness, Dissents and Protests, Rules of Order, Motions, Order of Business, Actions for a Public Hearing, Voting, Committees, Enacted Ordinances, Resolutions and Motions, Resolutions Ordinances, Permission Required to Address the Council, Reconsideration, Council Relations, Complaints and Suggestions to Council, Filling Council Vacancies, Video Media -- Artificial Illumination, Council Travel, Special Considerations for Governing Body members: Conflicts of Interest, Appearance of Fairness, Use of Public Funds, Open Public Meetings, Executive Sessions, Freedom of Information, Equal Protection Checklist, Substantive Due Process Checklist, Procedural Due Process Checklist, Taking (Inverse Condemnation) Checklist, General Ordinance Adoption Criteria Checklist.

HOW TO CONDUCT A MEETING; PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE TRAINING VIDEO; Produced by McConnell Productions, this 32 minute instructional video walks you through the process of how a meeting is conducted using Robert's Rules of Order. Covers call to order, opening ceremonies, roll call, approval of minutes, committee reports, unfinished business, new business, motions, adjournment, and much more. This is an essential training tape for new council, board or commission members. The script for the video was written and produced by professional parliamentarians.


Send us an email message to order any of the following parliamentary procedure training materials:

Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: the Basics (VHS video): $69.50

All About Motions (Part 1 - VHS video, plus booklet): $74.50

Robert's Rules of Order: $20.00 (9th Edition, paperbound)

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