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 MODEL LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVICE AND OPERATIONS GUIDE. PRICE: $99.00. Includes 404 page printed manual in 3-ring binder plus PC CD copy in word processing format. CD only: $69.00. Special Offer: You can order both this manual/CD and the "Model Law Enforcement Training Procedures" manual/CD as a set for $149.00.

Police work is people work. It is done by people, for people, with people, and to people. Through the development of police policies and procedures, and applied training, a police agency can define its role in the community and control its practices in light of community expectations. Guidelines can be set for police operations and practices that will make them responsive to community priorities. Policy indicates to the community where the police agency stands on major issues and at the same time provides the police department with a set of standards against which it can be reviewed.

The Model Law Enforcement Service and Operations Guide gives police executives general guidance in the development of police policy and practice. It could also be adapted for use as your department operations or "accreditation" manual. The Guide is a helpful tool to use in comparing, updating and developing your department's policies and procedures. With the disk copy you can easily retrieve, edit, copy and print any portion of the manual to fit your needs.

Contents include: Law Enforcement Role and Authority; Agency Jurisdiction, Mutual Aid and Regional Services; Contractual Services; Legal Advice and Liability; Organization; Command; General Reporting; Planning and Research; Crime Analysis; Personnel Alternatives; Fiscal Management; Classification and Assignment; Compensation, Benefits and Conditions of Work; Collective Bargaining; Disciplinary Procedures; Training; Promotion; Performance Evaluations; Patrol; Organized Crime and Vice Control; Juvenile Operations; Unusual Occurrences; Intelligence; Internal Affairs; Public Information and Community Relations; Vehicles; Traffic; Police Information; Evidence; Custodial Care (Holding Cell) Standards; Communications; Law Enforcement Exploring Units; Police Reserves; Specialized Units; Suspects and Prisoners; Reproducible Forms; comprehensive Model Police Civil Service Rules, and Index.

The principal contributors to the manual include:

Jerald R. Vaughn, former Executive Director of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and Police Chief of Garden City KS and Largo FL.

Donald Pierce, Bellingham WA Police Chief and past president of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police.

Don Morrison, Executive Director of the Local Government Institute; former City Manager in UT, MT and WA, and staff to 5 police civil service commissions.

Howard Sellers, Sheriff of Aiken County SC; past president of the MT Sheriffs & Police Chiefs Assoc.; former FBI Agent and police chief.

Show your chief your support for good law enforcement. Order this important policy guidance and operations manual today!

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