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RISK MANAGEMENT AND LOSS CONTROL MANUAL FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Price: $59.00 manual & CD. 1993-2002. 267 pp. ISBN 0-927160-00-5.

This manual was developed following a nationwide review of selected public risk management programs, the manual not only explains the who, what, when, where, why and how of a local government risk management program, but also includes all the sample policies, procedures, forms, checklists, etc. required to implement and maintain a successful, cost-effective program. Contents include background Information; model risk management policies and procedures; loss control consideration for governing body; risk reduction checklists; insurance guidelines; contract guidelines; health and Safety policies; personal protective safety equipment; safety inspections; medical treatment of injuries and illness; vehicle fleet safety; driver selection and training; use of vehicles; incident and loss reporting and investigation; plus more than 50 sample forms, agreements, and checklists. The model loss control standards section includes more than 80 pages of exposures and controls for 51 different local government operations. Used by more than 1,000 local governments.

Principal Benefits:

- Reduced amount of claims settlements against the government
- Reduced insurance and other risk management costs
- Decreased number and cost of accidents
- Improved compliance with legal requirements
- Increased employee health, safety, morale and productivity
- 3-ring binder & disk format allows for easy reproduction of materials


Background Information section includes: what is a risk management program, why a risk management program, the benefits of risk management, risk management process, risk analysis and control, considerations for insurance purchase, local government exposures, etc.

General Risk Management Guidelines section includes: model risk management policies and procedures, loss control consideration for governing body, risk reduction checklists, insurance guidelines, contract guidelines, and much more.

Health and Safety section includes: policies and procedures, safety orientations, personal protective safety equipment, safety inspections, medical treatment of injuries and illness, vehicle fleet safety, driver selection, driver training, use of personal vehicles, and much more.

Incident and Loss Reporting and Investigation section includes: industrial accident or injury, vehicular collision, property damage, claims and recoveries, investigation policies, procedures and checklists, and much more.

Sample forms, Agreements, and Checklists section includes over 50 model forms, agreements, checklists, etc.

Model loss Control Standards section includes more than 80 pages of exposures and controls for 51 different local government operations. Sections include legislative and administrative services, community services, public safety, public works, parks and recreation.

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