Advertising Rates & Billing Procedure

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Single Job Announcements

The cost to have a single job announcement posted is $39.00 if the ad is sent via email, or $45.00 if sent by fax or regular mail. There is no word limit (no more than 2 pages please). To also include the ad on the GovtJob.Net home page "Featured Jobs" list, ad $20 (for a total ad cost of $59).

Jobs will generally be posted the same day they are received (unless you specify otherwise). Job announcements will remain on until the closing date/deadline or 45 days if the position is "open until filled" (up to 60 days if you want). . If you want an extended recruitment (e.g. 90-180 days) for difficult to fill or "continuous recruitment" ads, add $20 to the cost of the ad.

All agencies who place a job announcement with us are also eligible to have their agency listed and hyper-linked in the applicable area of the "Links to Other Employment Resources" section of 

Featured Job Opportunities Option

For only $20 more per ad, we will also add your announcement to the Featured Job Opportunities list on the home page of GovtJob.Net.  This is a great way to maximize exposure to your job ad, especially when you have a short recruitment period or a position that is hard to fill. To take advantage of this option, just mention in the transmittal of your ad copy that you also want the job listed in the Home Page Featured Job Opportunities section. Your listing will remain on the Featured Job Opportunities section for at least 14 days or the closing date, whichever is sooner. It may be left on longer at the discretion of GovtJob.Net depending on how many other jobs are listed in the section (We don't want this section to get too cluttered so that the additional impact of your ad is lost).

Organizations which have purchased one of the options or ad blocks below may have a limited number of their job announcements posted in the Featured Jobs section at no additional charge. See the appropriate section below for more information. 

Discounted Subscription Rate Options

10, 25, or 50 Ad Subscription; plus Hot Link.

Employers may purchase a block of job ads, available in ten (10), twenty-five (25), or fifty (50) ad allocations. Purchasing an ad block subscription saves you money.  When you buy an ad block subscription you get a significant discount over the single ad rate! Best of all, the ad block packages do not have an expiration date. You can send us one (1) or more jobs to post until you have used up your allotment, even if it takes more than a year or two to do so. Then simply purchase another ad block subscription. Your ad block carries over from year to year until your allocation of ads is used up. We will also add a hotlink to your website (home page or job announcement page). Simply send us the URL (web address). 

Fees for Job Net Advertising Blocks are:

10 Ad Block Subscription: $350 ($35 per ad) (+ 1 free Featured Jobs posting)
25 Ad Block Subscription: $750 ($30 per ad) (+ 3 free Featured Jobs posting)
50 Ad Block Subscription: $1,250 ($25 per ad) (+ 5 free Featured Jobs posting)

Option "A" - Unlimited Postings; Hotlink

Employers may subscribe to the Local Government Job Net for a fixed fee based on the number of total employees (FTEs) in their workforce. You may subscribe on a semi-annual or annual basis. A subscription entitles your agency to submit an unlimited number of job listings (up to 1000 words each). However, for employers with more than 300 employees, all job announcements must be transmitted via email. You can have them posted for as long as you desire (closing date unless otherwise specified). Also, we will include a hot link to your agency's website as part of the subscription service. The annual subscription fees are as follows:

Rate Schedule: Subscription Option "A" - Unlimited Job Postings
Number FTE Employees Semi-Annual Rate Annual Rate # Free Featured Job Listings
Less than 100 FTEs $175 $300 1
101 to 300 $350 $600 2
301 to 600 $500 $900 3
601 to 1,000 $700 $1,200 4
1,101 to 1,500 $850 $1,500 5
1,501 to 1,900 $1,000 $1,800 6
1,901 to 2,300 $1,150 $2,100 7
More than 2,300 Call for Rate Call for Rate Varies

Note: Local governments may subscribe to any of the options by department based upon the number of FTEs in the department, in lieu of enrolling the entire city/county government. For example, if a large city has 550 employees in the public works department, the public works department could subscribe to Option "A" for an annual sum of $900.

Option "B" - 10 postings; 1 free Featured Jobs posting; 25% discount on additional postings

 Option "B" entitles your agency up to ten (10) job listings per year (no limit on words or time), plus a 25% discount on all ads posted after the first ten until the end of the subscription year. You can also have one (1) of the ads posted in the Home Page Featured Job section. The subscription year is a 365 day period, commencing upon the date the service is ordered. You can have the listings posted for as long as you like (closing date or 45 days if "open until filled" unless otherwise specified). Also, we will include a hot link to your agency's website as part of the subscription service. There is no semi-annual option. The annual subscription fee is: $350.00.


Ad Posting and Billing Policy/Procedure

We will notify you (via email or fax) when your job ad has been received and posted to GovtJob.Net.  We will invoice your agency and include a "tear sheet" of the ad with the billing.  Terms are net 30 days. If you want to pay for the ad via VISA, MasterCard or American Express, we will call you for credit card information. If you have a GovtJob.Net subscription, you will only receive an initial invoice for the subscription. Call Don Morrison at 253-988- 6032 for more information. 

NOTE: You can cancel an ad without cost, if we receive notice of cancellation before the ad is formatted and published. If an advertisement is cancelled once it has already been published to GovtJob.Net, there will be a $25 per ad cancellation fee. Ads which have already run for at least 5 days may be pulled, but the full advertising rate will be applied.

If you would like to purchase an GovtJob.Net ad block subscription or subscribe to either Option "A" or "B", simply:

  • Send us an email message outlining your desired ad allotment (10, 25, or 50 ads) or option.

  • To order an Ad Block, you may also use our online Order Form

  • Fax a message or Purchase Order (PO) to 253-565-2575

  • Mail a Purchase Order (PO) to GovtJob.Net, 1231 Farallone Ave., Tacoma, WA 98466

  • Call us at (253) 565-6253

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